Auld Reekie String Band

Our Story

Our band formed out of shared community in the Edinburgh folk scene. We came together in 2018 in the musician's corner of the Royal Oak, We discovered we had a shared passion for Oldtime folk music from the Appalachian mountains of the southern U.S. We soon discovered other mutual influences in punk and metal and a shared vision was born.

We began our career as a band playing sessions around Edinburgh and busking on the streets of the old town - some of the best times of our lives and something that we still enjoy at any opportunity. This soon progressed on to a fruitful career playing festivals around Scotland and the rest of the UK. 

In these early years we focused on establishing a unique sound - something that people hadn't heard before. Blending our love for the Oldtime repertoire with our interest and experiences in the punk scene, we crafted our own punkified, foot-stomping DIY sound. We seek to capture the spirit of porch jams and barn dances and infuse it with the essence of a squat show.

We went on to record our first debut E.P, "Black Bottle", not long before we had the opportunity to tour in Croatia and Italy where we recorded our "Live in Zagreb" album on the Amadeo Summer Stage. We then travelled to Abruzzo and up into the mountains where we played at Valfino Al Canto festival, another highlight of our time making music together.

We're now gearing up for the year ahead and looking forward to further shaking up the scene and bringing our sound to new listeners further afield.